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The key words here are Business Club – the club is very much a chance to meet, have a chat and learn. The aim of each monthly meeting, which is always the 2nd Wednesday in the month except August - when there is no meeting, is that as you leave, you will feel that you are a little wiser than when you arrived, and maybe that you have made a useful contact or two. Also that you are not alone, and that issues facing you and your company may well be similar to the challenges facing others.

Jane Brown - Managing In Uncertain Times

Wednesday 13th July

The EU Where Now?

Managing In Uncertain Times - short of a world war for most of us the future looks less certain that is did a few weeks ago. With the help of our guest speaker Jane Brown there will be a chance to look at the options.

Having voted to leave the EU it is interesting to learn from Google that many UK citizens have, after the vote, decided to look up what they actually voted to leave. Many probably thought they were voting for not having to watch the tedium known as the European Song Contest. Ironically that is likely to still be broadcast for many years to come. Many probably thought they were voting against austerity.With the economy forecast to grow more slowly - austerity will go on for several years longer if not indefinitely.

As entrepreneurs we know that every cloud has a silver lining, although not always easy to find.

Wednesday 13th we can explore where now?

  • Exporting will be easier in terms of price.
  • Imports will be more expensive
  • Foreign tourists will enjoy excellent value for money, going abroad will be less attractive in terms of cost.

Come along and join in the debate where now, to book your seat...