30 Years Young!

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Welcome to Solihull Business Club

The key words here are Business Club – the club is very much a chance to meet, have a chat and learn. The aim of each monthly meeting, which is always the 2nd Wednesday in the month except August - when there is no meeting, is that as you leave, you will feel that you are a little wiser than when you arrived, and maybe that you have made a useful contact or two. Also that you are not alone, and that issues facing you and your company may well be similar to the challenges facing others.

Goal Setting for 2017

The future in has never looked more unpredictable.

But as a business leader that just makes for a more challenging environment, and in truth if you run your own business there is effectively no alternative. Despite the uncertainty facing Britain things are worse in most of the rest of Europe with lower growth and the uncertainty of elections in France and Germany.
Generating goals enables you to set some strategies to get there. This Wednesday we will take a look at goal setting for:-

  1. Personal
  2. Business
  3. The Business Club

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